We are your “complete, one stop source” for all types of offset printing and imaging needs – any type of paper stock, size, ink color and quantity. We have delivered jobs as small as 50 pieces and as large as a million. You will find our prices to be very competitive no matter what the quantity is. Some of those products are:

You must have heard,  “First impression is your last impression”. Let us help you accomplish that with your letterhead and business cards. We can help you choose the right paper, inks, design and style to reflect your company image. Would you like to have a custom watermark as part of your corporate identity? We can provide you examples of such jobs we have produced for other clients. You must have heard, “First impression is your last impression”.

Anup Gupta, Founder/President
Sales/Marketing, Business Development
Experience: 20 years

Have lived in Ohio since 1991. Moved to Cuyahoga Falls, OH in 2009 after living in Stow, OH since 1991. Married, with two children.
What can clients expect from you? “I started this business with one philosophy in mind – to understand customer’s needs from their perspective and offer cost effective solutions to help them achieve their goals. I am proud to say I have maintained that philosophy since inception,” Mr. Gupta.

Anju Gupta, Chief Accounting/Financial Officer Accounting, Finance, General office Management
Accounting, Finance, General office Management
Experience: 12 years

Have lived in Ohio since 1996. Married, with two children.
What can clients/vendors expect from you? My goal is to ensure the business runs smoothly by making sure all the suppliers are paid on time, maintain cash flow by staying on top of accounts receivable, prepare all the financial statements.

Chard Herrington, Creative Designer
Graphic design, customer service, and general office duties
Experience: 10 years

What makes you unique?
While many graphic designers have the ability to create layouts, logos and designs, I take the unique position of being an active listener to our clients and finding out exactly what their needs are. This in turn enables me to organize the visual elements on the project in a way that properly targets the market our clients which to communicate with.

How is AG PrintPromo Solutions different from other companies?
Rarely will you find a partner that can provide ideas, execute a design and then produce the job. Being able to provide the services we do saves our clients money and also gets the work done on time. We strive to be the best at doing this and we have the reputation to back it up.

What things do you like about your job at AG PrintPromo Solutions?
Each new day brings a challenge and an opportunity to learn something new. With this position I can grow intellectually, creatively and interpersonally as I work with a team that fully respects, supports and trusts me. The clients look to me for artistic advisement and then rely on me for the execution and production of projects that are the staples of their marketing campaigns.

What do like to say to your clients?
You can depend on me, I will take care of it.

Any additional notes:
Being a designer is like being the conductor of an orchestra. You have all the wonderful possibilities and graphic elements to choose from. All it takes is right harmony of the pieces and you can make something beautiful.

Other interests/hobbies:
Fine Art, Photography, Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Music and Nutrition.

Tammy Reed
Customer service/sales
Experience: 35 years

Tammy brings over thirty years of experience in sales and customer service. Before joining AG PrintPromo Solutions, she worked as customer service manager in the healthcare industry for a number of years. She works very hard to bring a personal touch to her clients and genuinely cares for their success. She has also dedicated a number of years of her life to her country by serving in the Army. We are proud of her also being a honorably discharged veteran.

Priscilla Kiehl
Customer service and sales
Experience: 35 years

Before joining AG PrintPromo Solutions, Priscilla managed her own print/promotions company for over twenty five years. She brings a wealth of industry knowledge and client management experience. She understands how to effectively interact with clients, listen to their needs and come to them with ideas and solutions.

Cricket Holt
Graphic Designer
Experience: 15+ years of experience

Before joining AG PrintPromo Solutions, Cricket was the head graphic designer for another marketing firm in Northeast Ohio. She had worked there over twelve years. Along with creative graphics design experience, she also understands business management and the importance of excellent customer service.

Proud Member of:

  • ASI
  • Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • COSE
  • Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Promotional Professionals Association
  • PSDA
  • PPAI
  • UPIC
  • SMEI