Art Requirements

Art requirements

What is “camera-ready” art?
It means artwork (generally vector-based) that is ready for imprint without modification.


What is vector art?
There are two different kinds of graphics files used by computers, “bitmap” art, and “vector” art. Bitmap art includes almost every file type there is: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG or .JPEG, .PCX — and the list goes on! Vector file formats include .EPS and the files created and manipulated by professional drawing software products such, Adobe Illustrator®, and Corel Draw®.

What type of file should I send?
You need to send a vectored .EPS file. If not sure of what you have and what you need, call us at 330-315-9600 and talk to a member of our graphic design team, and he/she will be happy to assist you.

What file format could be trouble?
We cannot accept MS Word, MS Publisher, low resolution Web Graphics or PowerPoint Files.

How do I get custom artwork for my project?
If you have your logo and art done by a professional graphic designer, then contact them to send you “vector art”. If you did not get it professionally done, do not panic! Our graphic designer can come to your rescue and design the art. One piece of advice here, when it comes to “vector art” do not cut corners. Your printed marketing pieces would look as good as your art.

What if I have my art in one of the above mentioned format?
Our professional graphic designer can redesign your art or fix the existing art. Just send the project to us and let us do our “magic”.

What is the charge for art and design services?
Every project is different and art itself varies from project to project. We’ll take a look at your art and provide you with a custom quote before starting your project.

How long does it take for artwork design?
Again, it depends on the project. Our goal is to complete your artwork design as fast as possible to keep your project on track and on deadline. Our graphic designer will work with you to make sure your “in-hands” date is met.

Can AG PrintPromo Solutions design a logo for me?
Absolutely! You have come to the right place for logo design. It’s your brand, and you have got to take it seriously without cutting corners.

Art requirements for Printing Projects

What type of file should I send?
We accept InDesign Layout files saved to CS5 or earlier. All Graphics, Images, and Fonts must be included with the file. Images for printing should be at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. We recommend compressing files when emailing the design to us. For art files larger than 4Gb, upload to our ftp site.

Can you print from a PDF file?
Yes, we can print from PDF files. Choose a Press Quality option when saving the PDF. All images must be at 300 dpi, and there must be at least 1/8″ bleed on projects where the ink prints to the edge of the paper.

Can you check my files if I am not sure they are of a good quality?
We will be glad to review any file provided and let you know if it will print well and also guide you if any improvements are needed to achieve the optimum outcome.

What file format could be trouble?
Again, MS Word, MS Publisher, and PowerPoint always create trouble. We can check these files and create a design that can be printed. A quote will be provided before starting on your custom project.

Any questions on artwork and graphic design, email to our head graphic designer at

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